ProfileMy name is Viterbi and I have put together this site so that my busy and restless mind can find a place of peace and happiness. I cannot say that I always liked writing and sharing stuff, but it seems that people do change after all.

A Few Details About Me

I am a part time Internet Marketer since 2010 and I have focused all my energy and efforts into becoming a full time IM by the end of next year.  I am a big fan of U2 and Coldplay (I am actually listening to them while writing this page). I am (and always will be) in love with Meryl Streep and I am inspired and motivated in my work online, by Steve Jobs.

Things I love…

WordPress, running, blogging and listening to music. I like flying (planning to take lessons for it very soon), traveling and reading. I like winning, losing, being right and wrong. I love being online, working on my sites, playing around with my servers and learning as much as I can.

I like to share my experiences from life and my hobbies so if you are interested to any of the above follow me on Twitter and Google+.

How To Live Your Life…

A few years back I liked to leave my life based on a saying coming from Albert Einstein:

The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives

I don’t know if this can be an absolute statement! I mean, would you agree with this and if yes, to what extent? The last few years I realized that even this statement is very relevant and for this reason I chose to go by another saying (again coming from Albert Einstein) which is far more…absolute:

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you
sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.

But let me try to explain how these relate to my blog!

What This Website Is All About

I made this website to prove to myself that when you externalize and share what’s inside you, then you actually live. Consider this as one of my attempts to keep alive what’s inside me and express myself in ways that I couldn’t otherwise imagine. The subject doesn’t really matter, it could be anything like art, science, politics, sports, music, or in this case Internet Marketing.

How Is This Of Any Use To You??

Well… browse through my website, use anything you like, discard anything you don’t and move on with your online business. At least that’s what I do with websites like this one:

I was led to Internet Marketing in 2010 through a series of random events and I was instantly attracted by the whole concept. That was MY first moment of relativity! I quickly realized that apart from learning how to generate an income from the internet and become my own boss, what really attracted me so much, was that I loved what I was doing. I was (and still am) spending countless hours online, building bit by bit my online business and for me, these endless hours seem like seconds.

Today, I am a part time Internet Marketer with a target to become full time by the end of next year. This site is all about me living my life the way I want to…relatively!


I am frequently asked about the tools I use to develop websites and I never thought of including this in my about page. The “colophon” is a word I borrowed from a website that I admire and find inspiration from.

1. WordPress

I use WordPress, the best free and open source blogging tool in the whole world, to develop my content. It is based on PHP and MySQL and it is the most popular Content Management System online.

2. Genesis Framework

As an underlying platform, I use Genesis Framework by Studio Press which allows me to design and code my websites exactly the way I want them in an extremely secure and Search Engine Optimized way.

3. Typekit

I have recently realized that web fonts can really improve the looks and overall feel of my websites. Typekit is Adobe’s solution to non-standard, non-system-specific fonts for online documents. The font I use for this site is “proxima-nova”.

4. Good Music

Well…as I said above, everything is relevant and music is no exception. To me good music is what inspires you to write and relate to your readers and visitors. The majority of the content of this site is written under the sound of U2 and Coldplay.

5. Favorite WordPress Plugins

This site is also powered by a collection of WordPress plugins that I always like to use. More details on those, here.