What Exactly is Github and Why You Need It

I have seen lately a lot of sites posting nice little snippets of code like the one below and I have seen authors writing about what exactly is Github and why you need it for your online bsuiness. I find this very neat, clean and really helpful for my readers. I do post snippets of code from time to time; they have to do with Wordpress … [Read more...]

Improve Your Blogging Skills With These 5 Killer Tips

Blogging skills are not congenital or solely inherited from our gifted ancestors. They can in fact be acquired and developed even if you start from zero. And when I say zero, I mean it! I am talking about an inability to write so strong, that it doesn't even let you complete a single blog post whatever the effort you put in. But you know … [Read more...]

Happy 2013

Hello all, I just want to wish you all a 2013 full of health, prosperity and happiness. It's the first time I am having this opportunity through this web-site, which is my latest development, and for this reason I would like to take advantage of it. 2012 has been a very tough but also challenging year for me. I have learned a lot more … [Read more...]

How to Write Good Content for your Website

No matter how big or small your online business is, you need to know how to write good content for your website. Take me for example. I have been in Internet Marketing for quite some time, and it's only when I started focusing on quality content that I saw success in my business. Of course quality content is not something you come up with … [Read more...]

Get Your Website on Google First Page

So you want to get your website on Google first page right? I am going to tell you exactly how I do it but before, I would like to stress out the following points. Google is constantly applying changes to its algorithm with only one intention: To provide users with quality content to their queries. At the time this post is written Google … [Read more...]

Custom Default WordPress Avatar

I have recently decided to change the custom default Wordpress avatar, which is the well known, not-so-elegant "Mystery Man", into something a little more professional and beautiful for my site. The "Mystery Man" avatar (floating left of the current paragraph) is the default Wordpress avatar and it is used whenever a comment is added to your … [Read more...]

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins to Build Your Online Business

I am not the addict who spends his days trying different plugins, messing around with his blog. In fact, I try to keep the number of the plugins that I use on all my sites to a bare minimum, for all the known reasons (stability, speed, resource consumption, etc.). The free Wordpress plugins that I list below, are irreplaceable for me and I would … [Read more...]