Get Your Website on Google First Page

Get Your Website On Google First Page

So you want to get your website on Google first page right?

I am going to tell you exactly how I do it but before, I would like to stress out the following points.

Google is constantly applying changes to its algorithm with only one intention: To provide users with quality content to their queries. At the time this post is written Google Panda rel 3.9.1 is just being released and the Penguin Update is still on 1.1.

Google Panda has been engineered to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites” and push the “high-quality sites” towards the first page of its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google Penguin is a “webspam-fighting” algorithm that targets those websites that do not comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

And how Google defines “quality”?? It’s actually quite reasonable! They reward the websites that:

  1. Publish fresh, regularly updated content
  2. Publish relevant content
  3. Are popular in the social media circles

In simple terms, if you adhere to the above, then you can be Panda/Penguin (or any other update) proof and you can get your website on Google first page.

Let me tell you how I manage to get my website on Google first page and evolve my online business.

1. Publish fresh, regularly updated content

I used to spend a lot of time on various surrounding topics like learning web design, SEO, marketing, social media, etc. and I forgot the single most important aspect of my online job: content creation. Now I have a target to write at least 2 posts per week.

2. Publish relevant content

I have started taking a course in content marketing in order to improve my writing and copy-writing skills. I then combine these skills with extensive keyword research. I didn’t use to dedicate much time in keyword research, but now I spend at least half an hour a day to come up with seo-friendly ideas for my next post.

I changed my priorities and now I am more focused in satisfying my readers rather than the search engines. Of course I try to have both in mind when creating content; but when I see that the relevance or the natural flow of my content is compromised, I always choose my readers and forget about search engines.

Content marketing and SEO copywriting have taken my online business to the next level and I intend to keep on investing in them.

3. Popular in the social media circles

I am a relatively new internet marketer and I was “professionally raised up” with the principal that there is only way to succeed online; and that is to get your website on Google first page. Only then you will have plenty of visitors and if your copy-writing skills are good enough you’ll be able to convert.

Now, statistics show that most successful internet marketers get 60% (or more) of their traffic from social media (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest) with the remain 40% (or less) coming from organic search.

So I decided to include social media in my marketing strategy. I have created a plan to share my content regularly and re-print anything I find interesting and relevant. I use Hootsuite to manage my campaigns and forward my posts (through RSS feeds) automatically to my social networks.  I dedicated some time in re-designing my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and I am very happy to see my followers rising steadily over time.

The funny thing is that social media and search engines are converging day after day. Google gets away from the traditional back-linking  and off-page SEO factors to rank content and now they move on to social media popularity.

And although I am steering my marketing efforts “away” from the first page of Google and towards the social media, the end result IS(!!) the first page of Google BECAUSE of social media popularity!

Get your website on Google first page: Discussion

They say love comes when you stop looking for it. The same thing happened for me with Google first page! 🙂 I stopped looking for page one and I focused on: Frequent Content – Relevancy – Social Media. That’s how I managed to step up my online business AND get my content on the first page of Google.

So what about you? Do you manage to get your website high in the SERPs and if yes, HOW??? Share your story at the comments below.

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