Improve Your Blogging Skills With These 5 Killer Tips

Improve Your Blogging Skills

Blogging skills are not congenital or solely inherited from our gifted ancestors. They can in fact be acquired and developed even if you start from zero.

And when I say zero, I mean it! I am talking about an inability to write so strong, that it doesn’t even let you complete a single blog post whatever the effort you put in.

But you know what? There are good news! The kind of good news that you as well as I, would like to hear: That in fact, EVERYONE can become a great writer and improve his/her blogging skills to write appealing content. The below are what I would like to call 5 killer tips to improve your blogging skills and I am going to share these with you.

Tip #1: Create a Simple Plan Before You Start

Always get a pen and paper and go through a thorough investigation of your subject taking detailed notes as you go along. Then create your list of subheadings including all the major points that you wish to analyze. For example, for this article I had put down the list of the 5 different killer tips before I even wrote a single sentence.

It might also be a good idea to create a simple mind-map before you start. In this mind-map, you could include the flow of your story from start to end, your key messages that you would like to get across and also information about your introduction, your main body and your conclusion. A mind-map platform I like to use sometimes is (no affiliate link) and a very good book I recommend if you want to start integrating mind-maps into your online business is the following by Tony Buzan:

The Mind Map Book: Unlock Your Creativity, Boost Your Memory, Change Your Life (Amazon affiliate link)

Tip #2: Format your content so that readability is high

In other words try to use a clear and well spaced typeface (also known as font family). This will enhance readability and will keep your readers on your page. If on the other hand you use a typeface which is dense, not properly spaced and less clear, then your reader will get tired (regardless of how interesting your content is) and will most probably leave your page before reading it.

For this site, I am using the Proxima-Nova typeface from Typekit.

On top of the typeface selection you must always keep in mind to use bold, italic and underline styles in your content. This will ensure that you highlight your most important sentences and meanings and that they will get the proper attention by the reader.

Tip #3: Allocate time to edit your content

Start with the title: visit a top rated site like for example Entrepreneur and look out for headings that catch your attention. Then use that heading to your own benefit by applying it to your article.

For example, for this article I was inspired by this heading: Three Steps to Creating A Killer Mobile Site and transformed it to “Improve Your Blogging Skills With These 5 Killer Tips“.

The magnet to the eye here is the phrase “killer tips” and of course the numbering (five killer tips) which always works to writers’ benefit. You see people who write articles for sites like Entrepreneur are professional content writers and know what works best and what doesn’t. They know how to attract attention and increase their readership and that’s why you should always get inspired by their headlines!

Also don’t neglect to spend some extra time for your introduction and conclusion. They are very important in order to grab your reader’s attention at the beginning and also reward him for reading your entire content, at the end.

Last but not least, spend some time reading your entire article from top to bottom, once you finished it. Never(!) publish your first draft!

Tip #4: Give examples and references

Try to give examples and references as you go along. This will help your readers understand the messages you try to convey in a much clearer and concise way. For example have a look at the examples I have given so far:

  1. My example on Tip #1 and the reference to the mind-map book
  2. The reference to Typekit and the example of Proxima-Nova on Tip #2
  3. The reference to the Entrepreneur article as an example for Tip #3
  4. This very list as an example for Tip #4

Tip #5: Include a call to action at the end

When you finish your post, make sure that you include a call to action at the end. If you don’t then your readers (should they reach the end of your post) will just leave your website and move on without taking any kind of action; and you don’t want that!

Examples of call to action for your posts:

  • Request from your readers to add their comments
  • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Recommend them a product

For example, I am using the first two for this site. I am asking you to leave your comments at the end of this post and then right after the post’s content, I am giving you an interface to join my newsletter.

Improve Your Blogging Skills With These 5 Killer Tips

This is it!

One of my online business targets for this year, is to create (much) more and useful (for my readers) content. I am working really hard towards that direction and so far I see my blogging skills getting better and better. Of course I have a long way ahead of me but I have found that these 5 tips are really helping me in getting there.

Over to you….Will you share your tips?

Do you think that you can use these 5 killer tips to your own benefit?
Do you have any other tips from your own experience that you would like to share at the comments below?


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