What Exactly is Github and Why You Need It

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I have seen lately a lot of sites posting nice little snippets of code like the one below and I have seen authors writing about what exactly is Github and why you need it for your online bsuiness.

I find this very neat, clean and really helpful for my readers.

I do post snippets of code from time to time; they have to do with WordPress functionality, plugins, design etc., so I would like to give them this nice look with those nice coding color schemes depending on the type of code/language you display, and so on.

As already mentioned, these snippets are posted using Github which is something that I have heard before but for some reason refused to investigate and get into. Why? I don’t know; perhaps because I thought it was too difficult to implement on my web-site or couldn’t see the added value for my business. But I will come back to that later.

So what exactly is Github and why you need it?

What Exactly is Github and Why You Need ItGithub, is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. In plain English, it’s a version control software online.

And although it offers a wide range of services and functionality capable of satisfying the needs of an experienced developer, at the same time it can be used by anyone messing around with any kind of code and at any level (novice in my case).

You see, I am not a developer or a professional coder, but I do sometimes mess around with my site’s CSS design, my WordPress functionality or even my Genesis framework functions and hooks. Like I did here with my Custom Default WordPress Avatar post.

Why am I writing this? Because I am going to use Github to post snippets of code that you can easily download and use for your own site.

What would I need from a version control software?

I am into internet marketing, web-design and WordPress. So working with snippets of code is like day-to-day operations for me. I am not an expert but I can edit a Template Tag of my WordPress sites, or modify my CSS according to my needs.

This means that it would be great for me to have a software platform that I can use to:

  1. Store my snippets and keep them as a reference;
  2. Share them with other people;
  3. Update and maintain them, keeping my older versions.

This is exactly what Github and its repositories (or Gists) do for me.

So what does Github mean for me and my business?

The snippet of code shown at the beginning of this post is used on one of my articles here, on this site: Custom Default WordPress Avatar.

This is a nice example of what Github can do for me an my business online:

  • I have this piece of code stored in my Github account and I can reference or use it whenever I need to;
  • I can update the code in Github and the updates will be automatically reflected in all the posts I use it in;
  • I can use this code as a mind map that I can visit and edit later on, keeping my older revisions;
  • I can re-direct my readers to my online Github repositories to either copy my code or even suggest modifications that will improve it.

Creating, uploading and maintaining repositories is very easy and you can find easy to follow instructions here, right after your join for your free Github account, here.

Over to you…

Do you mess around with your code? If yes, how do you store and maintain it?
Do you use Github for your online business?


Share your thoughts below….or follow me on Github and socialize there! 🙂

What Exactly is Github and Why You Need It


  1. Thanks for the info on Github. I’ve visited a few times and used code but for some reason never made the connection that I could store my own there.
    Thanks again!

    • Thank you for the comment Valerie,

      Once you are set-up with GitHub, let me know so that I can follow you 🙂


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